Equestrian Products...

We have found over the many years of working with metal that there are many cross overs with the Equine Industry....

Our popular products are:


Arena Hornet - an arena grader that will smooth all the ridges and bumps in your arena or school to a high quality.


Feed Bins - Not just for equine use - these are also extremely useful for storing all kinds of animal feed and equipment.  They have the added benefit of being lockable and also having the ablilty to be bolted down to either the floor or wall (dependant on the type of wall strength).  Free from mice and rats and any other nasties crawling in and contaminating the contents.  Also recommended for other pet food - such as chicken feed, dog food and farm animals.


Boot Buddy -


Stable Bars -


Stable Locks -


Stable Kick Panels -


Stable anti Chew plates -



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